Earlier this week, we released a video for this song, thus I feel prompted to also make it my ‘Song Of The Week’ and say a few words about the experience.

I have a bad relationship with making videos. They never turn out how I want them to, and although I don’t hate the ones I’ve done in the past, I certainly don’t love them either. There are always budget concerns, and it seems like that really sweet idea never quite comes. It’s like I want every video I do to be Michel Gondry or OK GO! or something, but never find the budget or the inspiration. I am a musician, not a filmmaker. Even when we have been given the budget for certain videos in the past, the finished product is never what I imagined it would be. Much of this is my fault as I never supply that perfect idea. Turns out that my only video that I really love was for an old Carnations song called ‘Kick It Out’, which is just us hanging out on a beach being shot in Super 8. No budget, just us. So perhaps simplicity was the answer, and I just needed to get my expectations in check.

So for ‘You Will Lie’, I took my expectations off the table. The song has the sort of tone that can afford not to have the flashy concept, and a pure performance seemed appropriate. ‘You Will Lie’ is a straightforward and honest song, probably the most honest and heartbreaking song I’ve written for a long long time, so it needed the same in terms of a treatment. Since we had no money, it had to be our choice. It could afford this treatment, and this treatment is what we could afford: nothing. That in conjunction with the fact that I didn’t really want a concept to take away from the message in the lyrics: the fragility of relationships and the human inability to trust fully.

And when I say no money, I mean NO money, but thank god we have friends who like to help us. We shot this in my living room (the same living room you see in the press shot with all of us by the piano) and it took about three hours in total to finish. I called my very good friend Frank Guidoccio to direct, and he in turn called his good friend Micha Dahan to do the camera work, as well as supply us with some equipment. It was a stressless experience, casual and carefree. Probably the easiest video experience I’ve ever had, and wouldn’t you know it? It looks pretty damn good in the end. I had zero expectations, and just let these talented guys do what they do, and what they did was wonderful. All of the effects were done ‘in camera’, thus everything looks natural and real.

And I was so happy with this video that we’ve decided to all do another one together. We filmed Deja Vu yesterday, and I think it’s going to look even better. Look forward to that, and I’m sure you will see it soon after I do. I hope that Frank and Micha make a million dollars doing this some day. They are a great team that compliments each others’ skills perfectly. They should be nicknamed Yin and Yang, and like I said before, thank god for them.

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