SONG OF THE WEEK #11: Threw It All Away feat. More Or Les

Threw It All Away remix feat. More Or Les by smallsins

We’re going back a few years here, but this track is a perfect candidate for the Song of the Week. There are some songs that I’ve posted that maybe I didn’t think were good enough for an album, but there is a whole other pool of material that just didn’t fit into an album for genre reasons. It’s fun to have lots of little projects here and there, and once in awhile an idea might hit you and maybe you just think it would be really fun to record it, even if you know full well that what you’re working on probably won’t ever have a home on a commercial release. And when you know you’re not trying to prove anything, music starts to become really fun. It’s not something you’re trying to sell, or use to represent yourself. You don’t have to think it’s ‘cool’ like it’s high school or anything. You know you’re doing something purely for yourself, and only for the fun of it.

Doing a remix of ‘Threw it All Away’ and putting a rapper on there? Perfect example.

Originally we met Les (More or Les) at a show we did in Kensington market ages ago. Without any planning, we summoned him on to the stage to freestyle over ‘It’s Easy’ for our encore, and there was something so funny about the whole thing that we figured we needed to do something with him. I came up with the crazy idea that a rap could fit in on a remix of this song and got to work. A couple of weeks later he was in my studio writing words. Done and fun.

The idea of having a rapper on something seemed tongue in cheek. I never would have guessed that we would have Kev (K-OS) rapping on an actual release years later. In fact while talking about this record over the past couple of months, and fielding all the obvious, ‘How did you get k-os on your album?’ inquiries, I forgot that it wasn’t even the first time I’ve done it.

In rehearsing for the upcoming tour, I’ve been trying to dust off a few of the old songs we haven’t played in a while. With the first shows after the hiatus over the past few months, it was more about rejuvenating the staples of the set, but I thought it would be nice to bring back some of the old stuff as well. ‘Threw It All Away’ is one of the ones we started to rehearse this week, and at some point this version popped into my head. Went home, dug it up off an old hard drive and now I’m talking about it.

Anyway, sometimes when music is your job, it’s hard to remember that it’s supposed to be fun. It’s fun to go to the rehearsal space drunk and ‘jam’, or sing your heart out alone in your basement. It can all get confusing when you have to do it so often, and you have to do it on command in front of an audience, or within the time confines of your recording budget. I’m not saying those parts aren’t fun, because they are, but music is still my ‘job’. Once in awhile you have to create things that are just for you. Private little satisfying moments that might not be so private in the end if you start writing something called ‘Song Of The Week’ every week.

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