SONG OF THE WEEK #16: Never Again (as covered by Lindy)

Never Again (as covered by Lindy) by smallsins

I am grateful to Mr. Lindy Vopnfjord for covering this one. It’s great to hear someone else interpreting one of your songs, and I think he did a pretty good job of it.

Lindy and I have done a bunch of work together in the past, most notably in ‘Major Maker’, Todor and Lindy’s band for which I was the bass player and he was the singer. He’s also appeared on a couple of Small Sins songs doing a backup vocal here and there. One of the best singers around, I hope he finds time to make a new record soon.

Here are a bunch of links to various Lindy things for those of you who don’t know him:

Official website (solo)

Official website (Major Maker)

With me on drums.. Also note the guy making macaroni. That’s Shayne, our old drummer who also re-appeared in the video for Deja Vu.

With me on bass, as well as every other member of Small Sins except Brent:

With me playing dice:

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