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The Next Shit

Dear Fans,

Many of you may already know – or may have already guessed – that I will not be making any more music under the name ‘Small Sins.’  This is not to say that I will stop making music altogether; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. I will be releasing a new record under my own name – Thomas D’Arcy – sometime this year. The record is very close to completion, and my work on it over the past year is the reason for my recent relative silence. I can say without a doubt though that the work I am doing currently is my best to date, and I thank you for your patience as I complete it.



New site coming soon:

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Here are all the videos again. That way, if you’re visiting the site for the first time, you can get a clear idea of what ‘Small Sins’ is/was.

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Help us out by casting a vote for us to be added on MTVu.

You can cast your vote here.


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No song of the week for you guys this week. Instead, here is our new video:

I think the whole thing turned out pretty well, and it looks like we’ve gone to heavy rotation on both MuchMusic and AUX on the first day. That’s good.

Here are the credits for some of the amazing people who helped make this video:

Director/Editor: John JP Poliquin
Exec. Producer: Cherie Sinclair (The Field)
Producer: Collin Wianko
DOP: Graham Beasley
Funded by VideoFact

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